Paroli Roulette System

Although one might term gambling as the potential medium for earning ‘possible’ money by amusing or entertaining oneself, there is no denying that the winning has something to do with the adaptation of appropriate mathematical strategies that double up the winning probabilities when coupled with the right quantity of luck factor. So, it’s now clear that all cannot be blamed on your sheer luck quotient when you have miserably failed to choose the right strategy appropriate for your right casino game so that you know when to proceed or rather stop, before encountering a devastating loss. It’s true that there are several winning systems or strategies existing for a specific casino game type and choosing the right one matters a lot, which also depends on your gambling style, bankroll, and so on that has to be given the equal considerations beyond any doubt.

When you think about the popular casino games, the roulette always remains one among the most favored ones because of its simplicity, exciting features, and possible winning opportunities and therefore no wonder known as the queen of casino games both in the online and the offline casino world! Such a roulette game, has no wonder consists of several systems or strategies that talk about various effective and profitable methods of tackling the game and the odds successfully, although calling one specific system ‘the best’ is just an illusion, as it depends upon a number of factors like the player’s capabilities, the type of roulette game, the bets and so on and therefore, clearly, the success of a system varies from gambler to gambler.

Such a type of roulette system that has gained popularity as it deems suitable for many gamblers for the obvious reason of ‘safety’ it bestows is the ‘Paroli Roulette System’, which is pursued by many roulette enthusiasts, irrespective of the online or the land-based status quo.

What is a Paroli Roulette System?

Although Roulette Systems, Gambling and Betting Winning Strategies pursued by the gamblers varies from each other, most of these systems or strategies can be grouped into two main categories such as,

  1. The progression strategy

In where, your bets are depended upon either your losses, called the negative progression strategy or your wins called the positive progression strategy.

  1. The non-progression strategy

Your bets are unaffected by your previous gambling outcomes or in other words, your progression and therefore, remain ‘flat’ throughout the game, unless and until a specific goal of yours is reached or met.

Thus, these are the two main categories under which the various roulette systems are grouped and our Paroli roulette system, comes under the positive progression category and therefore, depends upon your previous wins of the game. Many find this roulette system relaxing because it encourages positive reinforcement by enabling one to make bets based upon one’s winning. Therefore, most favored than its counterpart the Martingale roulette system that encourages the gamblers to increment their bets after each significant losses, a not so welcoming way for many unadventurous gamblers.

How does it work?

The Paroli system, as we have discussed already is based on your wins and therefore, expects you to increment or double your bets after each favorable win and the process continues until you obtain three consecutive wins, after which you are expected to stop. The entire working is as follows, where the player begins the progression by placing his/her single unit bet on an even money outcome and continue betting the same ‘flat’ amount until a win is encountered. That is, even if the player loses, he/she is expected to continue with the same bet amount and only has to double the bet value when a favorable winning is met.

After doubling the bet value if the player again encounters a loss, then he/she is expected to continue with the single unit bet value rather from the doubled bet value of the previous win. Therefore, at any given time, the player would encounter only the single unit money loss, which he/she can choose to be the suitable percentage of their bankroll at the start of the game. This system, therefore, is suitable for novice and, as well as the unadventurous gamblers, as it is neither here nor there and therefore, one would never end up with devastating losses or even extraordinary profits and can always be on the safer side.

The pros and cons


  • Safer system
  • Easy to follow
  • Less risky


  • Your earning depends upon your winning, or in other words, only your streak of wins could earn you some decent money and even at times, save you from losses (your wins should be more than your losses to avoid losing your money)
  • No scope of major winnings, unless and until you win every time, which is logically impossible